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Miraculous College Graduates Employment mission is to assist low income college graduates to acquire job search skills and identify job opportunities.

Challenges for Low-Income Graduates

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About Us

In 2016 Yeme Dessalegn an MBA graduate found Miraculous College Graduates Employment in response to lack of insufficient employment support to low income college graduates.

Yeme holds Masters in Business Administration - Finance from National University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration - Administrative management from California State University, Los Angeles. She also has taken graduate classes at UCLA which was transferred for her undergraduate degree.credit. Her employment experience includes working as a Financial Advisor for a Los Angeles based financial institution and as an accountant for a non profit organization.

The founder not only has an intellectual abilities she also possesses creative abilities.

The founder creative abilities include:

  • Painting (in oil, watercolor, pasteles, acrylics, tempera, pens and markers etc.),
  • Mosaic art using mirror pieces, tiles, marbles, and design it on glasses, vases, terracotta pots and wood, etc.
  • Crocheting and knitting hats, scarves, shawl, baby blankets, little girl dresses, afghan and hand bags just to mention a few .
  • Modular (geometric) origami (Japanese paper folding)
  • She participated in origami training as part of a group at California State University, Long Beach during Japanese cultural festival once a year in September.
  • Jewelry making particularly earrings and bracelets
  • Crafts creation using old record albums, cds and dvds and cover it with fabrics
  • Gift baskets packaging, and balloon decorations for gift giving
  • Cooks dishes from six different nationalities

Spirit of Joy


Miraculous educates, motivates and mobilizes low income college graduates and empower them to foster and be part of a productive community. It will provide support to eight universities locally, in California

The eight colleges for outreach are:


The organization would like to evolve assisting more universities and add more programs that thrives to educate, motivate and mobilize graduates in the future.

Technology based training include:

  • Effective interview skills
  • Dress to impress
  • Effective Resume composition



  • Once a month there will be group discussions for program participants in training and/or the job search process.
  • It will be fun activities with brunch or bingo and this will create network among participants.
  • Participants will also generate new participant when they share what they learned with friends, classmates, and acquaintances


Business professionals will be invited to give presentations eight times a year to train graduates in:

  • Leadership development
  • Employment expectations
  • Job market outlook
  • Outreach activities will be conducted on-site at colleges/corporations.
  • Program activities will be conducted in Miraculous College Graduates Employment office.


  • The space will be a rented space in Mid-Wilshire, in Los Angeles area.
  • The area is accessible by public transportation.
  • There is an ample free parking.
  • It is also located near many businesses and employers.

Make a difference by partnering with Miraculous College Graduates
to help low income graduates achieve their dreams

Empower the graduates

Empower low income graduates to achieve their dreams.

Volunteer your services

Volunteer and let your work make a difference for the graduates.

Donate your funds

Give generously to help low income graduates.

Corporate sponsorship

Help low income graduates be part of a productive community.

What does the future hold?

Miraculous Empowers graduates by giving guidance to develop their:

  • Knowledge
  • Self confidence
  • Employment skills
  • Need to reach their potential and thrive

Excited, Enlightened, Achieved

Hope, inspiration, Achievement

Dedication, Sacrifice, Motivation, Discipline

The powerful and meaningful job search training Miraculous provides will help graduates to:

  • Gain awareness of their capabilities
  • Discover their self-worth
  • Realize the range of employment options possible for them

Miraculous empower graduates by providing graduates to:

  • Develop their knowledge
  • Gain self confidence
  • Know their employment skills
  • Identify their need to reach their potential and thrive

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.