• Volunteers are ambassadors of the nonprofit. Their qualities of experience with the event and the attending guests are advantageous
  • Miraculous expects the volunteers to positively share their experience with everyone they know. Miraculous will treasure if the volunteers become future donors themselves.
  • Miraculous will send a hand written thank you note to let volunteers know how much they mean to the organization.



1. Auction Item Procurement

  • This is an excellent activity for Miraculous
  • To make it interesting for the volunteers Miraculous will give a reward challenges for the most donated item or for the most expensive item

2. Event Check-in

  • In this check-in duties Volunteers will greet guests and handle money
  • Experienced person is chosen to get positive reaction as this is the first contact of guests where they form first impressions

3. Silent Auction

  • The best volunteer will be staged to help with this important aspects of Miraculous event. Where volunteers collects all the money from the guests in the room.
  • As many items will be used for silent auction, volunteers are required to keep a watchful eye on the tables.
  • Teams make sure the tables stay neat and organized
  • Volunteers answer questions the guest might have about the items
  • Distributing of the items to winning bidders and closing out of the auction is done by the volunteers.

4. Live Auction

  • Two experienced volunteers are needed to assist in this fast paced important event.
  • Volunteers
    • will help the auctioneer to stay informed during the live auction
    • will be located throughout the audience to help the auctioneer see and hear the bids
    • will go in person to the winning bidder to collect the money.

5. Event Clean up

  • Volunteers are selected, assigned and instructed to come at the end of the event just to clean up. This duty is suitable for high school students and sports team as they need service hours

6. Event Follow Up

  • Thank you notes for donors and guests are prepared
  • Volunteers
    • are selected to write thank you notes and address envelops
    • are told to come to the office the week after the event and are given the specific day, date, and time
  • This important task will be completed by volunteers quickly and efficiently

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