Process & Services

Miraculous College Graduates Employment (MCGE):


  • Recent college graduates face different challenges than the average job seekers as they do not have experience in the job force.
  • This makes them ineligible for many job postings on the search engine or other posting




  1. The navigation to find a job is never easy and it is overwhelming
  2. Miraculous College Graduates Employment offers assistance to low income college graduates to identify job opportunities
  3. It is comforting and reassuring to have an organization like Miraculous who understands the unique needs of the low income graduates and works diligently to meet these needs in a new and exciting ways
  4. Miraculous is a networking, training, and educational place for low income college graduates who are looking for a job.




  • Miraculous College Graduates Employment (MCGE):
    • Realizes the special needs of graduates
    • Strives to meet these challenges by having employers data base for matching the graduates and not post on search engines
    • Will have its own data base for graduates and employers exclusively for Miraculous use and will not be posted on line
    • Maintains data base which are broken down into different categories, e.g. employers looking for: an entry level openings; some with experience and others on a professional level
    • Will not post names of employers with job opening on a search engine
    • Offers variety of information’s graduates may be able to use
    • Unique features will provide a break down of different careers by industry, and employers who are available in today’s market.
    • Assists with career analysis for graduates who need to decide what career is suited for them.
    • Gives interview skills training with numerous sample interview questions to practice on followed with mock interview, and an extensive resume writing with sample resume and cover letter.
    • Reviews written resume and cover letter with an advise on mistakes to avoid and a checklist
    • Makes the graduates ready for an interview once candidate complete the interview skills, resume compositions and cover letter training sessions.
    • Covers topic such as how to negotiate a good salary and benefits package and how to interview with employers to get a job offer.
    • Schedules three candidates for a job interview with employers.