The impetus for the formation of Miraculous College Graduates employment comes from the President’s (Yemesrach Dessalegn’s)

  • Personal research
  • Her transactions with friends and colleagues
  • From her personal experience

All of which taught her that college graduates are having trouble finding work.

Ms. Dessalegn noticed she and her friends and colleagues as well as thousands of other graduates from low income background would still be out of work months after graduation while others found jobs. Graduates from low income backgrounds were often new to the culture of job seeking.

Second impetus for the formation of Miraculous College Graduates Employment is the overwhelming data regarding unemployment of recent college graduates

Third impetus that led to the formation of this organization comes from Ms. Dessalegn’s somewhat spiritual journey. After a year of contemplation and while talking to God an inner voice told her to make this effort on behalf of college graduates who are struggling to find work and specifically told her to form a nonprofit.